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Blixtry Industries a Home care product manufacturer. This start up that started in 2019. Our traditional business model is based on the quality and what Customer requirement.The main aim behind “Blixtry Industries” is to provide superior products at affordable prices. Also, a lot of research and development is done by our well-equipped team to see to it that customer specifications are met. We take pride in giving new and finer products to our customers. we developed the staples for laundry Care, Utensils Care, surface Care with Disinfectant & Toilet Care with Disinfectant.


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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but its our habit.

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Continues study and trial helps us to provide a perfect Procut

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The Ultimate Guide is Measure Improve and Manage Customer Satisfaction.

When your Environment is Clean you feel Happy, Motivated and Healthy